‘Troughton & Simms’ Level #7305



ITEM 7305

‘Troughton & Simms’ Level #7305

This 4-foot-screw level by Troughton & Simms is in very good condition, complete with the original (or early) cross-hairs! It has a nominal 10-inch focal length, which is measured from the cross-hairs to the object glass, and comes with the typical late-Victorian bronze finish with green-tinged lacquer. Available with a substantial mahogany tripod.

Approximate Dimensions

Instrument; 295 mm long x 185 mm high

Case; 422 x 142 x 116 mm high

Approximate Weights

Instrument in box; 5.0 kg

Instrument & Tripod; 11.2 kg



Freight is extra.

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