About Us

Akrona Instruments began with the chance purchase of an old military surveying instrument at a garage sale in the late 1990’s. The old brass, patina of history, precision machining, and solid construction so often lacking in modern manufacturing methods, combined with a pre-existing involvement in surveying, led to a continuing development of interest in this field. Further acquisitions followed and Akrona Instruments was formed to serve the growing interest in a fascinating subject which is at the intersection of history, technology, and investment.

Today we offer a wide range of surveying instruments for the discerning collector, and while the theodolite is undoubtedly the King of Surveying Instruments, followed by the surveyor’s level, and compass, there are a plethora of variations and other fascinating instruments, ranging from the Circumferentor to the Abney Level, to absorb the interest of the keen collector or antiquarian.

The majority of our earlier collections are naturally orientated towards the instruments of the colonial period, i.e., the 19th century, and tend to be of British manufacture. From time to time, we also offer earlier instruments, and those of Continental origin, including vintage instruments by Wild, Kern, Zeiss, and others.

We usually also have stocks of all manner of surveying ancillary items including tripods, bands, chains, plumbobs, staves, manuals, and memorabilia; as available.

While the focus of our collections is surveying instruments, over time it became a logical extension of our interest to include instruments etc. from related fields. These include engineering, measuring, drawing, mapping, calculating, navigation, astronomy, meteorology, a wide range of scientific fields, and occasionally horology.

In parallel with our collecting activities, Akrona Instruments has also built up a substantial library of related reference books and materials, both old and new, to better advise our clients.

Initially our client base was mainly in New Zealand but over the last 20 years we have supplied widely in Australia, and locations as remote as The Maldives!

Today Akrona Instruments exists to serve collectors globally, and if we don’t have an item you wish to add to your collection, please let us know and we will seek to source it for you.