M. Tauber Early European Level #8201



Item 8201

M. Tauber Early European Level

This is a very fine European level signed “M. Tauber” and bearing the German place names of Leipzig and Dresden, and the serial no. 231. Relatively little information about M. Tauber is available however one source indicates a period for this maker around the late 1700’s, which is consistent with the style and manufacture of this item. It has the original ‘golden’ lacquer often seen on early microscopes and telescopes but much less commonly on surveying instruments, especially after 1800. After this time the bronzed finish became preferable to minimize distracting solar reflections. The lacquer itself has the patina of a great old age; a combination of wear and oxidation of the brass substrate beneath the lacquer. It has rack and pinion focusing and an ingenious levelling mechanism. Designed to be clamped to the top of a staff by a now absent clamp screw, the telescope cradle is supported on a pillar which attaches to the staff mount by a ball and socket joint. The pillar has a tail which protrudes below the socket and is held in place by 3 equally spaced lateral shafts. Two of these may be adjusted by turning a milled head on the outside of the socket, and the third has a spring loaded plunger to maintain it in constant contact with the other two shafts. This plunger can be seen on the left hand side of the socket in the photo above. Thus by turning either of the two milled heads, the verticality of the pillar and the plane of the level is adjusted.

 This item is in exceptionally original and good condition for its age; even the bubble tube appears to be original and intact. The rack and pinion mechanism is also in good functioning condition.

Approximate Dimensions

Instrument; 255mmm long x 205mm high

Approximate Weight

Instrument; 1.4 kg

Price: POA