‘Simms, London’ 5” Wye Theodolite #6307



ITEM 6307

‘Simms, London’ 5” Wye Theodolite

Theodolites by Troughton and Simms are relatively well known. Much rarer indeed are theodolites simply signed SIMMS, LONDON’. The Simms were an old instrument making family and it is hard to be certain exactly which ‘Simms’ made or sold this theodolite, which appears to date from the third quarter of the 19th century; possibly George Simms, a brother of the William Simms who joined Edward Troughton in partnership in 1826.

In any case, this is a superb example of its type; having obviously little use as evidenced by the survival of the original lacquer and the gold plating on the adjustment thumb screws. It has a 5” horizontal circle and vertical half-circle, both graduated on silver with 30’ divisions read by vernier to 1’. On the horizontal plate is a round compass with a silvered face and glass cover. It has a long erecting eyepiece only, as shown. The eyepiece adaptor appears to be an early replacement. The case is made from mahogany.

Approximate Dimensions

Instrument: 270mm overall height

Case (excl. cover): 304 x 225 x 167mm high

Approximate Weights

Instrument and Case: 6.5 kg (There is no tripod with this instrument)



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