‘Alexr. Mathieson & Son’ 5” Transit Theodolite #6508



ITEM 6508

‘Alexr. Mathieson & Son’ 5” Transit Theodolite

This instrument is remarkable for its pristine condition, a rare state in which to find a Victorian theodolite nowadays. Having obviously had little or no serious use, with all the knobs retaining their gold plating and the gleaming inset silver circles, it makes a magnificent example indeed. It has a round silver faced compass on the horizontal plate, on the face of which is engraved in cursive script:

Alexr. Mathieson & Son,

 23 Cockburn St., Edinburg.

According to Clifton, this firm operated in Edinburgh from 1850 to 1900. We estimate this item to have been made around the middle of this period. Mathiesons would have probably been retailers, sourcing this item from an English maker such as Troughton & Simms. It has 5-inch diameter circles. It comes in a mahogany fitted box which is in very good order also, and contains almost a full complement of accessories; a dark glass eyepiece shade, capstan bar, and even the original plumbob, which is bronzed to match the instrument! Only a second eyepiece and one other item are missing.  The vernier magnifiers for the horizontal circle are unusual in that they are detached from the instrument and stored in their own little niches in the box, when the instrument is to be stored away. The case has a military-type flush brass carrying handle.

Approximate Dimensions

Instrument: 330 mm overall height, 270 mm over telescope

Case: 312 x 295 x 166 mm High

Tripod: 1.4 m long

Approximate Weights

Instrument and Case only: 9 kg

Instrument, Case and Tripod: 13 kg



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