SOLD Stanley 3” Mountain Theodolite #7706



Item 7706

Stanley 3” Mountain Theodolite

This delightful little theodolite (both circles are only 3-inch diameter) is a somewhat rare, extra small and lightweight type, often referred to as a ‘Mountain Theodolite’. When surveying mountainous terrain, particularly if great accuracy is not required, a lightweight instrument is obviously an immense benefit to the surveyor on foot. This example  has almost entirely aluminium construction to maximize weight saving (the working parts such as the knobs and telescope barrel are however from brass). Aluminium was the wonder-metal of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s; and the makers of this instrument, ‘W.F. Stanley & Co. Ltd’, were particularly innovative in introducing new materials and concepts into instrument design.

A 1909 catalogue for ‘W.F. Stanley & Co. Ltd’ carries an illustration of an almost identical instrument under the following description:

      “Small Light Theodolite for Mountain Surveys or Prospecting.

This instrument is made of aluminium (excepting working parts) and is a complete transit, divided on silver, and reading to single minutes on both circles, with full clamp and tangent motions, and forms the lightest and most compact complete theodolite made.

This description appears to perfectly fit this item, which judging by its extensive use (most of the black enamel has worn away), satisfied its original owners requirements very well.  It has Serial No. 104217 and comes in a leather bound mahogany box as illustrated.

Approximate Dimensions

Instrument; 178mm high, 123mm over Telescope

Case; 235 x 120 x 112mm

 Approximate Weights

Instrument only;    kg

Instrument and tripod;    kg



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